Have you ever been impressed by listening to a pan flute sound? Did you want to find out more about this fascinating instrument? Well, here is the unique chance to find out more and to play it yourself. Even if you cannot read music, have no musical background and think, it’s difficult to get along with a new instrument, the opposite is true! Regardless of your age and educational background you can do it, because the teaching method developed by Joeri Murk and used in the DAJOERI pan flute schools, allows also you to play the pan flute. Some basic interest and some willingness of learning are the sole requirements needed.

Each of the 20 DAJOERI pan flute school offers lessons between 5 to 10 PM. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and classes are in small groups. You are supposed to attend one lesson (50 minutes) a week. Under expert guidance you will also learn the basics of playing from sheet music and become proficient in rhythm.

It is common that close contacts will grow within the class and students start playing together during their spare time.

DAJOERI schools are currently only established in Switzerland. Courses are held in German but some of our teachers also speak English or French. If you are from another country and wish to take advantage of pan flute lessons we recommend that you either attend our summer course week in Arosa or request online lessons via Skype in English or French.

For participating to our summer course please look for the Registration announcement on our Arosa Seminar page. In the past seminars we had visitors from South Korea, the United States, Argentina, Japan, Canada, Finland and many other European Countries.

If you want to find out about Online Lessons please contact us by using the form on the contact page.

Few teachers are fully aware that each person has his own learning pace and goes his own way when it comes to learning. Unfortunately, this is forgotten in many schools and leads to poor quality of learning experiences. Our classes appeal to everyone, care for the right pace of learning and match the way of thinking. Our teachers have developed the ability to present learning materials in varied ways and make sure you have fun.

Each participant feels taken care of and will get exactly those answers from the teacher that will help him along. That’s why our lessons to some degree set priorities on the individual, although they are held in groups. This ensures that every participant feels comfortable and makes maximum progress. For more information and registration procedures visit our individual schools. Courses are held in German but some instructors also talk English.

Our teachers are competent and easygoing

Imagine, your teacher is technically competent as well as talented and it is very different than it was when you were taught in school. The knowledge is given understandably and laxly, nobody is pushed, and everybody feels well understood. Exactly this method has been developed by Jöri Murk. As a certified remedial pedagogue he deals for 40 years in this realm of education. He has applied his method and has well tested it in many different situations.

Indeed, the DAJOERI teachers maintain their individual teaching style, however, use likewise the successful principles of Jöri Murk. They know the fears of the students and realize exactly what needs to be done to relax them. The teachers recognize problems and provide the necessary support so that learning is easy and leads to success. With their friendly nature, they gain the confidence of the students and support them on the route to success.

There is much fun in the class but nobody is laughed at or denounced. After each lesson you really feel that you have learned something. The teacher is as much your friend as he is your guide and consults the student in a supportive manner.