Constantin Arvinte

CV Arvinte Constantin:
Born on May 21, 1926 in Voinesti, Iasi-Romania District
Address: Intrarea Italiana No.2, 70 216 BUCURESTI, Sector 2, Romania. Phone: 0040-01-313.69.09
Composer, orchestra leader (choir and orchestra) and folklorist
Member of the “des Compositeurs et Musicolgues Roumains“ (U.C.M.R) since 1950, married, 2 children

1933-1939 Primary school in the birthplace of Voinesti, district of Iasi-Romania
1937-1945 Teacher training at the “Vasile Lupu” school in Iasi

1945-1949 studied at the George Enescu Conservatory for music and dramatic art in Iasi

1954-1957 further studies in musical composition with Zeno VANCEA in modal polyphony, with Constantin BUGEANU in musical forms, instrumentation and orchestration, with Dimitrie CUCLIN in musical aesthetics and composition. 1973-1974 he studied at the University of Music in Bucharest and received the diploma with the thesis: “Le folklore musical roumain dans la création culte-chorale et dans le spectacle scénique”.

Professional activities:
1946-1949 director of the mixed choir of the “Foyer culturel ‘C.Vasilescu'” in Voinesti-Iasi
1949-1960 director of the choir and orchestra of the artistic ensemble “Ciocarlia” in Bucharest
1960-1965 musicologist and inspector in the directorate of the Ministry of Music and Culture
1965-1976 artistic director and director of the orchestra ensembles “CIOCARLIA” and “RAPSODIA ROMANA” from Bucharest.
1976-1979 Folklorist in the squad of the Ethnographic and Folklore Institute “Constantin Brailoiu” in Bucharest
1979-1984 Artistic director and director of the artistic formation “CIOCARLIA” from Bucharest.

Musical works:
He has produced a large number of musical works for choirs “a capella”, choirs and orchestras of various types, for singers and instrumental soloists with classical and folkloristic instrumental accompaniment in a large number of different styles: song, balade, vocal symphonic poème, musico-ethno choreographic panels, Orchestral suites for folkloric dance, chamber music symphonic and for fanfares, folkloric adaptations.

He has received many art prizes at home and abroad, including: “mention exeptionelle pour création chorale, a la 1. édition (may 1997) du féstival de création et d’interpretation religieuse: ‘A TA este Imparatia si puterea'” and also : 2nd prize (ex aequo) at the choral singing competition in Tours, France in 1976.

1998: Award of the “des Compositeur et Musicilogues Roumains“ (U.C.M.R.) for choral works

For the most part, his musical works were and are performed by a large number of choirs at home and abroad with large orchestras and folklore ensembles such as: Bucharest, Suceava, Baia-Mare, Timișoara, Craiova, Tg.Mures, or from Chisinau (Moldavia ) and Novisad (Yugoslavia), as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. Folklore collections

He traveled all over Romania and collected folk music (doins, balades, songs, melodies from Romanian folk games as well as Hungarian, Serbian and Bulgarian), which he recorded, selected and published. His works have been performed in various concerts at home and abroad (France, Belgium, Holland, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia and other European countries as well as in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, Australia etc.) by:
– the national chamber choir. “Madrigal”, conducted by Maître Marin CONSTANTIN
– the children’s choir of Radio Bucharest, conducted by Maître Eugenia VACARESCU – the ensembles “Rapsodia Romana”, “Ciocarlia”, “Doina al Armatei” and “Doina Bucurestiului”
– Orchestra formations conducted by Gheorghe ZAMFIR, Nivolae PÎRVU (NL), Benone DAMIAN
– On behalf of Jöri Murk, he arranged many “Melodias Rumantschas da Tista Murk” (Romanesque melodies by Tista Murk) for the Swiss Appenzeller rich music “Horn Sepp” and “Alpenröösli”.
– For Simion STANCIU Syrinx he wrote 6 arrangements of Romanian folklore and a transcription of the 1st rapsody in A major by George ENESCU for pan flute and chamber orchestra (1998).

Folklore publications:
He has published musical Romanian folklore from Moldavia, Maramures-oas, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea in collaboration with Gh. POPESCU-JUDET, Gh. BACIU, Maria CONSTANTINESCU, Isidor RIPA and Gh. GAMAN.

Radio recordings TV records and cassettes.

As director of orchestras and arranger of musical folklore, he has made many sound recordings with folk music orchestras of the “Radiodiffusion Roumaina” and “Radio Novisad Yugoslavien”.

He made records, cassettes and CDs with folk music in Holland with “Electrorecord”, “Eurostat”, “Jolt KERESTELLY” and with the instrumental formation “Nicolae PÎRVU”.

Current activity:
As a jury member, he participates in many festivals, in national and international artistic competitions.
He is currently active as a member of the “Commission de musique chorale de l’des compositeurs”. He is a member of the “Federation nationale des Ensemble Folklotiques de Roumanie” (A, N.A.F.R.) In the capacity of national adviser and he is the artistic director of the folklore ensemble “Doina” of students in Bucharest.

Since 1995 he has been invited by Jöri MURK to his pan flute seminars at the Music Week Arosa / Switzerland and supports him in his work in promoting and perfecting music lovers of all ages in the art of interpretation on the pan flute. Constantin Arvinte helps to enrich the panpipe repertoire. This includes his musical works, original compositions, arrangements and transcriptions, as well as orchestrations for pan flute accompanied by piano, organ, instrumental groups or chamber orchestra.

Constantin Arvinte