About Us

The company DAJOERI AG was founded in 1988. They produce high-quality pan flutes for instruction, concert and master pan flutes in all different sizes, as well as other accessories for the pan-flutist. As of 1st of May, 2015 Joerg Frei took over the crafting of DAJOERI pan flutes in is own company, called Panevolution GmbH (LLC). He continues the tradition and carries on to produce high-quality instruments. Joerg is an educated Organ pipe builder and has more than 30 years of experience in the hand-crafting of DAJOERI pan pipes.

Felicitas Murk is the manager of the company. She runs the company since its foundation and since 1979. She is also a member of the Swiss Music Education (SMPV).

The DAJOERI AG also incorporates a music-publishing house, which produces exclusively sheet music for pan flute playing. Their assortment consists of melodies arranged for one or several voices in different styles of music, such as entertainment, classical, folklore and a big collection of Romanian folklore melodies accompanied by organ or piano.

The DAJOERI Pan Flute

Many famous and renowned pan-flutists buy their flutes at our workshop and want it duly customized according to their own wishes and playing technique. The excellent sound and the masterful crafting of DAJOERI pan flutes are highly appreciated by the pan flute community. Continuous research of more than fourty years made the DAJOERI pan flute an unique instrument with a notable high standard . All our customers, amateurs or professionals, esteem the outstanding quality of our instruments. DAJOERI pan flutes are considered by many musicians as the finest instruments available.