Here we currently offer you all our 624 single editions. The products can be purchases for DOWNLOAD only. Prices are given in Swiss Francs (CHF) which are about par with the US$. Once your payment with Credit Card is processed you will be able to download the respective sheet music instantly in PDF format. Sizing is good for European A4 or American Letter Size. All PDF files include the following parts:

  1.  Solo Voice for Pan Flute (can also be used for another Solo Instrument such as Violon, Flute etc.)
  2. Piano Accompaniment sheet music (A few single editions have an Organ score as indicated)

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We also offer a link to the Product Catalog of  DAJOERI products. There you will also find the Single Editions (Einzelausgaben) with their Order Number. On the Catalog Single Editions are listed for CHF 15.00. Disregard this price since all Single Editions in this shop are only for download and cost CHF 5.00 each. The $15.00 price is for ordering a Hard-Copy of our Single Editions. If you wish feel free to browse through our complete Publishing Shop. There you will find many more products beside our download offers. Here it goes to the Shop.


Dajoeri Product Catalog

This is a PDF of our Catalog.

Product Excerpts

On the respective product page you always find a short excerpt of the sheet music. This snippet usually is at the beginning of the composition as long as the Pan Flute Voice(s) also starts in the first few measures. If there is a lengthy solo accompaniment introduction we usually selected the measures from the point where the Solo (Pan Flute) Voice starts.

Degree of Difficulty

The following codes are used in the product description to indicate the degree of difficulty for the solo voice. SE=Single Edition, SEM=Single Editions with Multiple Voices. 1=easy, 2=intermediate 3=difficult. Example: EA1 means Single Edition, easy version. This code can also be used in the Search Field to filter out a collection of respective sheet music.

Payment and Delivery

Payments are processed through PayPal. You can either use your own PayPal account or pay with any major credit card that is being accepted by Paypal. After your payment went through you will receive an email with the download link. You now can download the ordered PDF file by clicking the link. Sheet music products can be downloaded 3 times within a period of 15 days, whatever comes first. Thereafter the download link expires.


When purchasing and downloading our sheet music you agree to only use it for your own purpose. You can perform the downloaded music in public concerts but you are not allowed to sell copies or re-distribute the single editions. Our music underlies international Copyright © by DAJOERI Publishing House Switzerland.