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DAJOERI Panflutes, Bass Panflute

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When you shop with us, please select one of the two options:

1. Print out the price lists and order by fax or phone or call us:
Our price lists are in PDF format and can be printed with ease. All items are provided with a short description and a 4 digit order number. At the end of the price list you will find an order form that you need to fill out and send by fax to +41 (0) 44 713 36 33, or if you wish, you can call us during Swiss Time business hours at +41 (0) 44 713 36 06. We also accept Credit Cards for fax or phone orders if the order amount is at least CHF 30.00. 

2. Internet shopping in our store:
All items can be purchased in the shop. If you click anywhere on the website the yellow "BUY' button, you will be transferred to the shop.

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The checkout process is simple. Payment can be either by Credit Card (PayPal) or Bank Transfer in advance. Just follow the steps and provide all required data. All orders will be processed by us promptly. If an article is not available, we will keep you informed by e-mail.

We ship to all countries worldwide by SWISS-Post. Our only warehouse is in Switzerland/ Europe. Therefore, all ordered items have to be sent from Switzerland to your point of destination. The actual delivery time depends also on your local post facility and should be within 3-14 days. UPS or FEDEX will only be used upon request. Additional shipping costs would apply.

For finding an article fast, use our powerful search engine.

Any warranty claims and sales procedures are covered in our terms and conditions.


Online Shop Status

Our online store is operating. Articles with the exception of jewelry can all be found in the shop. Jewelry gifts can be ordered with a separate form.

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