What genre of music can you play by using the pan flute? The answer is surprisingly simple: basically any!

When playing Rumanian Melodies, the musician can show his virtuoso skills. When playing music such as ballads, evergreens, or love songs, his audience might become deeply impressed. Even classical pieces sound excellent. Whether playing slowly or fast, the blend of the distinct panflute sound and the classical style are fascinating. Anyone who longs for a more brightening mood, can can go for Latin American rhythms, blues and boogies.

Whether or slow moving, gloomy or joyfull, the ingenous sound of panpipes can do it all.


Have you ever been impressed by listening to a pan flute sound? Did you want to find out more about this fascinating instrument? Well, here is the unique chance to find out more and to play it yourself.

Even if you cannot read music, have no musical background and think, it's difficult to get along with a new instrument, the opposite is true! Regardless of your age and educational background you can do it, because the teaching method developed by Joeri Murk and used in the DAJOERI pan flute schools, allows also you to play the pan flute. Some basic interest and some willingness of learning are the sole requirements needed.

DAJOERI Panflute Instruction

Each of the 20 DAJOERI pan flute school offers lessons between 5 to 10 PM. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and classes are in small groups. You are supposed to attend one lesson (50 minutes) a week. Under expert guidance you will also learn the basics of playing from sheet music and become proficient in rhythm. It is common that close contacts will grow within the class and students start playing together during their spare time.

Imagine that you are playing simple tunes soon and have the potential to play at an celebration or party. You can create a lot of joy and admiration.

The course (8 lessons) costs CHF 265.00. You can a rent concert pan flute for the duration of 2 months for CHF 80.00.

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