The archive contains DAJOERI documents, such as photos, videos and sound samples from 1997 to 2008. The archived contents are largely remnants of the old DAJOERI website that should be kept memorable.

  • The included photo-galleries and Abums were made during the course of 6 years. Therefore, shape, background color and presentation is different. Some of the more recent albums also contain a sound track.

  • The archived videos have been reworked, but were all recorded in the standard format. The video quality depends on the year of the recording and the technical equipment that was available. We tried to restore most of the videos and converted them into the FLASH-Format.

  • YouTube snippets from past concerts such as the Benefit Concert of 22 May 2005 at the Great Cathedral in Zurich and the benefit concert in Zurich's main station on September 23rd, 2007 with more than 400 panflute musicians.

  • Press articles of DAJOERI events and other activities in PDF format.

  • Finally, we comlete the archive with recordings of television and radio broadcasts.

The original DAJOERI website dates back to 1997. Back when the web was in its infancy, we have tried to present our mission by what was available at that time. Despite the low Internet dataspeed, it was already possible to place sound samples with modest bandwidth on our old homepage. Each year, the data flow of the Internet was increased, from dial-up, to ISDN, ADSL, cable and optical fiber. This gave us more room for graphics and opened for realtime audiovisual streaming.

So later we added videos and other visual elements that made the Web site an universal and attractive media tool. It included not only advertising, but also a lot of information, educational information and unforgettable remembrances. Today we have a dynamic website that allows us to involve the user for interactive activities and more participation on our events.

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